EQII Nights of the Dead Screenshot Sweepstakes  

The entry period has closed and we are making our choices. Please stay tuned!

To celebrate Nights of the Dead, ZAM has acquired TWENTY-FIVE TWENTY-EIGHT exclusive Royal Mummy Wrappings codes to give away and FOUR Station Cash codes for grand prizes! All you have to do is bring us your best EverQuest II Nights of the Dead themed screenshots, and you could be sporting this bejeweled version of the Mummy Wrap with a pocket full of SC!

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  1. If you have not already, register on ZAM.com. https://secure.zam.com/login.html?action=new
  2. Upload your best Nights of the Dead themed screenshot of to the Media Tab of this page (The "Add Image" button is under the picture toward the bottom).
Dexella models the Royal Mummy Wrappings contents.
Dexella models the Royal Mummy Wrappings contents.
Royal Mummy Wrappings on a male.
Royal Mummy Wrappings on a male.
That's it! We will tag the submissions daily and they will be visible in this gallery. Feel free to mention your favorites in the Sweepstakes thread on the EQ2 ZAM forums!

The contest runs through November 1, and we'll announce winners November 2.

Screenshot Help

  • Your screenshot will look better if you turn off the UI by pressing F10 twice (Press F10 again to turn it back on after!)
  • Please do not Photoshop or otherwise change your screenshots. You can add a caption when you upload the picture!
  • Don't worry about resizing them, our image system will handle it.
  • Your pictures might not show immediately, as we have to approve them and tag them. Don't panic! You can look at your ZAM images page ( http://eq2.zam.com/userimages.html ) to see if we got it.

Important Stuff

  1. There will be TWENTY-FIVE TWENTY-EIGHT winners.
    • TEN codes will be given away to the submitters of our favorite screenshots.
    • FIFTEEN EIGHTEEN codes will be given away to random people who were not screenshot winners.
  2. Our THREE FOUR favorite screenshots will also receive a code for 1000 ($10 USD) Station Cash!
  3. The contest starts as soon as you see this posted on October 26, 2012 and run through 23:59 (midnight) Pacific Time on Thursday, November 1, 2012.
    • Calthine's clock is the official clock!
    • The screenshot upload date and time is in GMT, don't let it confuse you. Pacific is GMT -8 hours.
  4. You may enter as many times as you like but you can only win once.
  5. Winners will receive a code to be entered in their account here: Station Account Access. Access your account and select "Enter Activation Code". Then when in game type /claim in your chat window to get the item from the Claim window.
  6. EQII ZAM Staff will choose the winners. No, we don't need any cookies!
  7. Winners will be announced no later than November 2, 2012, to give you some time to show off your new mummy wrappings!
  8. Winners will be posted here and in the Sweepstakes thread. Winners will be sent their codes via PM on ZAM. To access your PM's, click "Account" on the main menu bar, then select "Private Messages".
  9. We are not responsible for lost codes or codes that sat around for so long they expired. We'll sure try and help, though.
  10. ZAM Staff and their immediate family are not eligible. Sorry, Hubby.

Good Luck!

~~ Calthine & Cyliena


Grand Prize

  1. Andreia
  2. Wazy
  3. FromTh3nOn
  4. LadyKurisutaru

Other Favorite Picks

  1. CinnamonE3
  2. BrokenSanctuary
  3. Tabri
  4. Lyneve
  5. Sinne
  6. Faeliel

Random Winners

  1. blueberry1
  2. ElquinjenaSilverwing
  3. Mellody
  4. SenyaShadowbourne
  5. Chronia
  6. dalzhel01
  7. MetSnau
  8. Cariana
  9. hilisette
  10. Aeryal
  11. Healani
  12. Ainaree
  13. Ishbel
  14. Jazya
  15. Cuora
  16. baldingavenger
  17. MischiefMakers
  18. celticfyre

Check out all of the contest entries in this gallery! Thank you to everyone who participated!

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