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Level 1
iconDissolve (Adept)0
iconCloud of Bats0
Level 2
iconCataclysm (Master)0
Level 3
iconAcid (Apprentice)0
Level 4
iconVacuum Field (Master)0
Level 5
iconNetherous Bind (Expert)0
Level 7
iconDissolve II (Adept)0
iconAspect of Darkness (Adept)0
Level 8
iconDark Nebula (Apprentice)0
Level 10
iconDark Pyre (Journeyman)0
iconAcid II (Journeyman)0
iconNullify (Apprentice)0
Level 11
iconGrasp of Bertoxxulous (Journeyman)0
Level 12
iconDissolve III (Apprentice)0
iconDark Pact (Apprentice)0
iconCorrosive Bolt0
Level 13
iconVacuum Field II (Expert)0
iconVoid Contract (Master)0
iconShorten Breath0
Level 14
iconCataclysm II (Expert)0
Level 16
iconEncase (Journeyman)0
Level 17
iconAcid III (Adept)0
Level 18
iconBoon of the Damned (Expert)0
Level 19
iconNetherous Bind II (Apprentice)0
Level 20
iconAbsolution (Apprentice)0
iconShroud of Bertoxxulous (Apprentice)0
iconDissolve IV (Expert)0
iconKraylith's Curse of the Toad0
iconNegative Absolution0
Level 21
iconAspect of Darkness II (Journeyman)0
iconBoon of the Void0
Level 22
iconDark Nebula II (Journeyman)0
Level 23
iconDistortion (Apprentice)0
iconDark Distortion0
Level 24
iconNullify II (Apprentice)0
iconDark Siphoning (Apprentice)0
iconDark Pyre II (Master)0
iconSuffocating Breath0
Level 25
iconCurse of Darkness (Master)0
iconGrasp of Bertoxxulous II (Journeyman)0
Level 26
iconDark Pact II (Apprentice)0
Level 27
iconVacuum Field III (Expert)0
iconVoid Contract II (Master)0
Level 28
iconCurse of Void (Apprentice)0
iconCataclysm III (Journeyman)0
Level 29
iconDissolve V (Journeyman)0
Level 30
iconEncase II (Adept)0
iconKraylith's Minor Familiar0
Level 31
iconAcid IV (Adept)0
iconDark Emanations0
Level 32
iconGift of Bertoxxulous (Expert)0
iconAbhorrent Gift0
Level 33
iconNetherous Bind III (Journeyman)0
iconMana Trickle (Journeyman)0
iconBoon of the Damned II (Apprentice)0
iconStrength of Void0
Level 34
iconAbsolution II (Master)0
iconNull Absolution0
Level 35
iconAspect of Darkness III (Adept)0
iconShroud of Bertoxxulous II (Apprentice)0
iconAura of Void (Master)0
iconYreth's Bat Vexation0
Level 36
iconDark Nebula III (Journeyman)0
Level 37
iconDistortion II (Apprentice)0
Level 38
iconDark Siphoning II (Apprentice)0
iconNullify III (Apprentice)0
iconDark Pyre III (Journeyman)0
Level 39
iconCurse of Darkness II (Journeyman)0
iconGrasp of Bertoxxulous III (Adept)0
Level 40
iconSkeletal Grasp (Journeyman)0
iconDark Pact III (Apprentice)0
iconYreth's Flying Friend0
iconSeal of Dark Rumination0
Level 41
iconVacuum Field IV (Expert)0
iconVoid Contract III (Master)0
iconGrisly Contract0
Level 42
iconCataclysm IV (Adept)0
iconCurse of Void II (Adept)0
iconAbysmal Fury0
Level 43
iconDissolve VI (Expert)0
iconSoul Flay0
Level 44
iconEncase III (Adept)0
Level 45
iconErqu's Hex of the Rat0
iconAcid V (Expert)0
Level 46
iconGift of Bertoxxulous II (Apprentice)0
Level 47
iconMana Trickle II (Adept)0
iconBoon of the Damned III (Apprentice)0
iconNetherous Bind IV (Apprentice)0
Level 48
iconNetherlord (Adept)0
iconAbsolution III (Apprentice)0
Level 49
iconAspect of Darkness IV (Apprentice)0
iconAura of Void II (Adept)0
Level 50
iconShroud of Bertoxxulous III (Journeyman)0
iconErqu's Emissary0
iconApocalypse (Expert)0
iconDark Nebula IV (Apprentice)0
Level 51
iconDistortion III (Apprentice)0
iconNull Distortion0
Level 52
iconNullify IV (Adept)0
iconDark Pyre IV (Master)0
iconDark Siphoning III (Journeyman)0
iconDark Infestation (Expert)0
iconShadowed Pillaging0
Level 53
iconCurse of Darkness III (Master)0
iconGrasp of Bertoxxulous IV (Journeyman)0
Level 54
iconSkeletal Grasp II (Apprentice)0
iconDark Pact IV (Journeyman)0
iconSeal of Ebon Thought0
Level 55
iconVacuum Field V (Journeyman)0
iconNull Caress (Expert)0
iconVoid Contract IV (Apprentice)0
Level 56
iconCurse of Void III (Apprentice)0
iconCataclysm V (Master)0
Level 57
iconDissolve VII (Adept)0
Level 58
iconNetherealm (Apprentice)0
iconEncase IV (Expert)0
Level 59
iconAcid VI (Adept)0
Level 60
iconGift of Bertoxxulous III (Apprentice)0
Level 61
iconBoon of the Damned IV (Apprentice)0
iconMana Trickle III (Master)0
iconNetherous Bind V (Apprentice)0
Level 62
iconNetherlord II (Adept)0
iconAbsolution IV (Expert)0
iconVoid Absolution0
Level 63
iconAura of Void III (Journeyman)0
iconAspect of Darkness V (Adept)0
iconAura of Nihility0
Level 64
iconShroud of Bertoxxulous IV (Expert)0
iconDark Nebula V (Apprentice)0
Level 65
iconDistortion IV (Expert)0
iconRift (Adept)0
Level 66
iconNullify V (Apprentice)0
iconDark Siphoning IV (Apprentice)0
iconDark Pyre V (Master)0
Level 67
iconCurse of Darkness IV (Master)0
iconGrasp of Bertoxxulous V (Adept)0
Level 68
iconSkeletal Grasp III (Expert)0
iconDark Pact V (Master)0
Level 69
iconVacuum Field VI (Apprentice)0
iconVoid Contract V (Master)0
Level 70
iconCataclysm VI (Journeyman)0
iconCurse of Void IV (Master)0
iconApocalypse II (Adept)0
Level 71
iconDissolve VIII (Apprentice)0
Level 72
iconAcid VII (Master)0
iconDark Infestation II (Master)0
iconEncase V (Apprentice)0
Level 73
iconGift of Bertoxxulous IV (Master)0
iconNetherous Bind VI (Journeyman)0
iconBoon of the Damned V (Adept)0
Level 74
iconMana Trickle IV (Apprentice)0
iconNetherlord III (Apprentice)0
Level 75
iconAbsolution V (Adept)0
iconAura of Void IV (Journeyman)0
iconAspect of Darkness VI (Expert)0
iconAspect of the Moon0
Level 76
iconNetherealm II (Apprentice)0
iconDark Nebula VI (Adept)0
iconShroud of Bertoxxulous V (Journeyman)0
Level 77
iconDark Pyre VI (Apprentice)0
iconDark Siphoning V (Journeyman)0
iconDistortion V (Master)0
iconNullify VI (Master)0
Level 78
iconGrasp of Bertoxxulous VI (Adept)0
iconCurse of Darkness V (Apprentice)0
iconRift II (Expert)0
iconSkeletal Grasp IV (Adept)0
Level 79
iconDark Pact VI (Master)0
iconVacuum Field VII (Master)0
iconVoid Contract VI (Adept)0
Level 80
iconCurse of Void V (Apprentice)0
iconAcid Storm (Journeyman)0
iconApocalypse III (Master)0
iconCataclysm VII (Apprentice)0
iconNegative Void0
iconAcid Rain0
Level 81
iconDissolve IX (Journeyman)0
Level 82
iconAcid VIII (Master)0
iconDark Infestation III (Master)0
iconEncase VI (Master)0
Level 83
iconBoon of the Damned VI (Expert)0
iconNetherous Bind VII (Expert)0
iconGift of Bertoxxulous V (Master)0
Level 84
iconMana Trickle V (Journeyman)0
iconNetherlord IV (Master)0
Level 85
iconBlessing of Xegony0
iconAura of Void V (Expert)0
iconAbsolution VI (Adept)0
iconAspect of Darkness VII (Master)0
Level 86
iconDark Nebula VII (Master)0
iconShroud of Bertoxxulous VI (Expert)0
iconNetherealm III (Adept)0
Level 87
iconDark Pyre VII (Adept)0
iconDark Siphoning VI (Journeyman)0
iconDistortion VI (Master)0
iconNullify VII (Master)0
Level 88
iconRift III (Master)0
iconCurse of Darkness VI (Expert)0
iconGrasp of Bertoxxulous VII (Expert)0
iconSkeletal Grasp V (Master)0
Level 89
iconVoid Contract VII (Master)0
iconVacuum Field VIII (Journeyman)0
iconDark Pact VII (Journeyman)0
Level 90
iconCataclysm VIII (Expert)0
iconCurse of Void VI (Journeyman)0
iconApocalypse IV (Expert)0
iconAcid Storm II (Adept)0