A Scrying Shame  

This quest is given by Tish Tickers, upstairs in the watch tower nearest Southeast griffin station. It's a sub quest to Watch your Step in the Thundering Steppes, Part 2 quest.

You must attain 5 Ancient Silver Coins. These are occasionally found by using the Scrying Stones in the rainbows in various zones, including the Thundering Steppes, Nektulos and Everfrost. Tish will give you five stones, but this probably will not be enough to finish the quest. The Scrying Stones are for sale on the docks of both Nektulos and the Steppes (from Liets Rolyat). Ancient Coins aren't given every time, so be prepared to use 15-20 scrying stones to get 5 coins.

Completing this quest results in your choice of lanterns, each casting a different color. It also allows you to then open up The Gnoll Cave quest from Tish and the Watch Your Step in the Thundering Steppes, Part 3 quest from Jacques.


Watch Your Step in the Thundering Steppes, Part II Thundering Steppes
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The Gnoll Cave
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