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Update Notes: Tuesday April 24, 2018


  • Fixed an issue where you could be blocked from zoning if you don't have enough DBC to make a purchase.


  • Fixed an issue with the paperdoll display for Aerakyns when wearing kilts.

Planes of Prophecy Heroic Zones

  • Planar Defense should now only be on bosses in Planes of Prophecy heroic dungeons.
  • Planar Defense no longer refreshes on bosses.
  • Decreased the damage of some hard-hitting abilities that bosses cast.
  • The trigger amount for Planar Defense in duo zones has been reduced from 10 to 5.
  • Duo zones will no longer protect themselves with a heroic level of planar defense.
  • Some heroic bosses warned of searching for a fighter at certain points in their scripts, when they were actually searching for their most hated target. This was just a display error in the messaging, and has been corrected.

Solusek Ro's Tower: Monolith of Fire [Heroic & Solo]

  • The number of trash encounters throughout the tower has been reduced.

Solusek Ro's Tower: The Obsidian Core [Heroic]

  • Verlixa now only calls 3 rounds of Shimmering Mirages who travel to their destinations faster.

Plane of Innovation: The Wasteyards [Raid]

  • Corrected an issue with several doors that were set up incorrectly in regards to checking the 75% of raid/group meets the criteria to open the door.


  • Primal Instincts can no longer trigger from pets.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented pets from initiating combat if the target was protected by Planar Defense.


  • Corrected a bug that prevented the Gnawed Meaty Bone from displaying correctly.
  • Istar the Mighty will now sell the Rune of the Celestial.
  • Rune of the Celestial is now no-value
  • Reduced the amount of Tears of Ro required to purchase many adornments from Istar the Mighty to 5.
  • Voidwrought Runes may now be removed using adornment reclamation.
  • Characters whom have obtained the Greater Ascended achievement will now be granted an account flag that allows them to purchase Celestial Ascension potions from Amarat the Procurer for all characters above level 100.
  • The anti-vampire set bonus from The League item rewards is now easier to complete.
  • Rewards from Laalah the Wanderer are now more likely to be offhands (usable in weapon leveling) for several classes. Monks and plate fighters in specific will have a better chance of obtaining these items, on par with other classes.
  • Raid shields in Kingdom of Sky and Echoes of Faydwer should follow a slightly smoother progression with their protection values.
  • Corrected an bug that prevented Rune: Planar Elementalist, Rune: Planar Etherealist, Rune: Planar Geomancer, and Rune: Planar Thaumaturgist from modifying ascension abilities above level 10.
  • All in game season 2 familiar drops have been replaced with season 3 familiar drops.


  • Awakening Bonds: Whispers of the Past - Players who have lost the "Fang of the First Children" can now return to the "Faceless Oracle's Demesne" and speak with Tiressiaz to receive a replacement.
  • The Introduction - Defeating the first recluse bluffstalker should update the quest more reliably, now.
  • The Sins of Butcherblock - Gathering the family treasures updates the quest as intended, once again.

Update Notes: Tuesday April 17, 2018


  • Fixed an issue where the leg texture for Aerakyn's displayed incorectly when wearing a kilt.


  • Creatures protected by Planar Defense can no longer be struck by multi attacks, flurry, spell double attack, ability double attack or pets until Planar Defense has been removed.
  • Planar defense on heroic encounters has been increased to 20 triggers.

Planes of Prophecy Heroic Zones

  • Fighter requirements and minimum number of player requirements in Planes of Prophecy heroic zones have been temporarily disabled until a more permanent solution is implemented in a future update.

Solusek Ro's Tower: Citadel of the Sun [Raid]

  • Corrected an issue that caused the Guardian and Protector of Dresolik to turn unkillable.
  • Corrected an issue that would cause the final incarnation of Arlyxir to not spawn correctly.
  • Amohn should no longer attempt to trap dead players.

Solusek Ro's Tower: Monolith of Fire [Heroic]

  • The amount of health Solusek Ro must lose to summon The Avatar of the Sun should be back to normal.

Plane of Innovation: The Wasteyards [Raid]

  • The two doors leading to Meldrath the Mechanized should now properly allow the raid to open it if 75% of the present raid meets the entrance criteria.
  • Clockwork Assassins should stay deactivated for the correct amount of time if deactivated more than once. They should also no longer look like they are deactivated when they are not.
  • Clockwork Assassins should now stay focused on Hacked Clockworks once they get their attention the first time.

Brackish Vaults: Realm of the Triumvirate [Raid]

  • Rheumus should no longer get stuck immune to damage occasionally.
  • Corrected an issue that caused Rheumus to think that the "Thalassophobia" curses are still present when they have all been removed successfully.

Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Storm Surge [Raid]

  • Kuanbyr Hailstorm should now correctly update the mission "A Chapter on the Planes [Raid III]".


  • Corrected an issue that reduced the damage of Desiccation.


  • Corrected an issue with player poisons that granted them double benefit from potency and primary attributes.
  • Essence of Frost, Disease, Divine, Flame, Void, Mind, and Venom will now change damage types on infusible weapons.
  • Scorched Parasol Mushroom - House item can be scaled down even smaller now.
  • Yellow Parasol Mushroom - House item can be scaled down even smaller now.
  • Purple Parasol Mushroom - House item can be scaled down even smaller now.
  • Maldura Bar Shroom - House item can be scaled down even smaller now.
  • Mature Blue Fungus - House item can be scaled down even smaller now.
  • Purple Cap Mushroom - House item can be scaled down even smaller now.
  • Lichen Cone - House item can be scaled down even smaller now.


  • Moonlight Enchantment and Tinkerfest house items now stack to 900 (excludes player writable objects).
  • Moonlight Enchantment specific harvestables now stack to 200.


  • Shard of Hate: Gates of Scorn [Public Quest] - Hate mongrels and constructs of spite will no longer lock to specific players or groups.

Update Notes: Tuesday April 10, 2018


  • Fixed an issue where the end element of the Channeler bar was not display correctly.

Plane of Disease: Virulent Insurrection [Raid]

  • Corrected an issue that caused Rankle to stop gaining increments of "Vile Build-up".

Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Storm Surge [Raid]
Emmerik Skyfury and Brynju Thunderclap:

  • Thresholds for executing their respective scripts have been spaced out in order to avoid both triggering at the same time and making the encounter more difficult than it should be.
  • Health of the bosses have been reduced.
  • Damage from “Surge: Rimefist” has been reduced and should grow at a slower rate. Mechanics/Failure conditions that raise this damage will still be applied.
  • “Thunderclap” should no longer punt players quite as hard.

Kuanbyr Hailstorm:

  • a Stormtalon crossbow will no longer be usable against Kuanbyr unless it will not miss due to cooldown.
  • Duration of Kuanbyr’s “Grapple” has been extended from 20 seconds to 30 seconds
  • Corrected an issue that caused a few of the spawned warning areas to not show up correctly.

Plane of Innovation: The Wasteyards [Raid]
Meldrath the Malignant:

  • Players possessing the “Hacked Clockwork” should no longer be assassinated by the Clockwork Assassins if they get near.
  • Dead players should no longer trigger the failure condition of “Deadly Pustules”.
  • Some abilities used by the “Hacked Clockwork” should now grant +hate positions.

Junkyard Mawg:

  • Dead players should no longer trigger the failure condition of “Deadly Pustules”.

Manaetic Behemoth:

  • Corrected an issue that caused “Unwashed Non-metallic Boots” to count as metallic…

Solusek Ro's Tower: Citadel of the Sun [Raid]

  • Flame Spark creatures should no longer respawn.
  • Flame Spark creatures should now have a chance to drop base population loot drops.


  • “Manipulate Gold” spell has been reworded to be more specific.
  • Golden Minotaurs should only randomize the first class that can harm them. After that, it should use a set rotation.

Guardian and Protector of Dresolik:

  • Added protections to prevent the bosses from becoming stuck unkillable if one boss was killed in a specific way that could avoid the death mechanic.

Brackish Vaults: Realm of the Triumvirate [Raid]
Dyronis, Harbinger of E'ci:

  • Damage of “Surge: Temperature Spike” has been reduced and should grow at a slower rate. Mechanics/Failure conditions that raise this damage will still be applied.
  • Using emotes within the zone should no longer trigger things to happen unless the boss they are used for are currently active.

Eurold, Harbinger of Povar:

  • Corrected an issue that would cause the adds in the encounter from going immune to certain classes.

Emerald Halls

  • The Farstride Unicorn should no longer be able to be respawned.

Planes of Prophecy Heroic Zones

  • Many heroic bosses have had their abilities that target or check for fighters standardized.

Plane of Innovation: Masks of the Marvelous [Heroic]

  • Gearclaw the Collector: Damage granted from the “Energized” buff should no longer grow quite as fast.

Wailing Caves

  • The door to Lord Ree should no longer end up locked longer than Lord Ree's spawn time.

Solusek Ro's Tower: Monolith of Fire [Heroic]

  • The range of spells and combat art during the encounters with Jiva and Solusek Ro/Avatar of the Sun have been tripled.


  • Large Decorative Planter - Item can be scaled much smaller now.
  • Tropical Island Beach Bar Stools may now be properly unpacked.
  • The EoF weapon "Element's Call" is now usable by all classes.


  • A tentative fix was added to Casualties of the War of the Fay (Raincaller Heritage Quest), which should ensure Huntmaster Viswin spawns more reliably.
  • Darkness Ascending: Tear in the Drakelands - Quest no longer offers retired item as a reward.
  • Pains of Herding - The Skystrider Herd in Moors of Ykesha are now viewable if the quest is active, for every repetition.

Update Notes: Tuesday April 3, 2018

Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Storm Surge [Raid]

  • Corrected an issue that would cause the Wind Spirits in the Wind Hall to not show themselves.

Plane of Innovation: The Wasteyards [Raid]

  • Corrected an issue that allowed players to hack Meldrath the Malignant's clockworks who have previously hacked a clockwork during that specific encounter.

Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Storm Surge [Raid]

  • Brynju and Emmerik should now monitor their health pools and apply a buff to themselves if they get too far apart in health.

Mistmoore Catacombs

  • Veingore now spawns much more frequently.


  • Several EoF era bows that were usable by brawlers and unavailable to crusaders have been fixed such that all the intended classes can wield them.
  • The EoF monk Perception Set no longer incorrectly states that it adds a mitigation bonus (it never has).
  • The EoF brawler legendary set 5-piece bonus now grants a ward instead of a stoneskin. This should make it slightly more useful for its intended content while making it less useful in raids.
  • Kero'Var, the Legion's triggered effect Lumpy Embrace will now grant potency on Time-Locked servers.
  • Vhalen's Tribute Band Promoter will now correctly sell recordings.


  • The achievement, "A Restitch in Time," should now update after completing the weekly mission of the same name.

The Beast'r Eggstravaganza has Begun!

Each year, at the beginning of the season of Growth, Tunare whispers to the animals of the forest to let them know that spring is beginning.  Now, magic overflows, and the flora and fauna rejoice in this season of birth and renewal. Across Norrath, flowers bloom and animals frolic in exuberant celebration.

The fauna of the forest will sometimes leave gifts around for the realm of man, as a way to share their own joy in the coming of spring. You'll be able to partake in these celebrations until Tuesday, April 3, 2018.

Inspired by all the spring excitement, Beast’r Eggs have started to hatch and explore the world around them. Some of you may have already spied them hiding around Norrath, and if you’re lucky enough to find one, go interact with it and the egg will become your newest pet!


There are 11 different Beast’r Eggs for you to find (6 of these are new!), each with its own unique coloring! You’ll only be able to find these Beast’r Eggs until 11:59PM PT on Tuesday, April 3, 2018.

Aside from the Beast'r Eggs, we've also got a bushel of other new features for you to enjoy as well:

New Items:

  • Beast'r Eggschangers are willing to trade the Beast'r Eggs you find throughout Norrath for Beast'r Egg house pets!

New Title and Achievement:

  • "Accomplished Beast'r Egg Hunter"

TLE Server Features:

  • On both Stormhold and Fallen Gate, you can enjoy all of the Beast'r celebrations!

Happy hunting, Norrathians!

Update Notes: Tuesday March 27, 2018

  • Added categories and filter to the Familiar window.
Solusek Ro's Tower: Citadel of the Sun [Raid]
  • Golden Minotaurs in the Rizlona encounter that are vulnerable to fighters now have less maximum health.
Plane of Disease: Virulent Insurrection [Raid]
  • Skal'sli the Wretched should no longer call out for deathtouches during the phase where he is carrying objects.
Solusek Ro's Tower: Radiance [Challenge Heroic]
  • Cinder should no longer cast "Armor Buster".
  • Flame Guardians should no longer block the majority of incoming damage on them. Their max hit points have been adjusted up slightly to compensate.
Mistmoore Catacombs and Castle Mistmoore
  • Improved spawn chance of an number of named NPCs.
  • The door leading into the Cauldron Cove should now let players over level 100 enter.
  • Corrected an issue that could cause Gingerbread mercenaries to break encounters.
  • Orange adornments Rune: Chorus of Night and Rune: Symphony of the Void now properly add an additional update to abilities and spells, respectively.
  • Player-Writable house items (books, cards, scrolls, signs, etc.) are single stack items once more, and can be safely picked up, placed in broker crate, packed, etc.
  • The furniture version of "Joculos, the Enduring" now has an appearance.
  • Corrected an issue with Miscalibrated, Calibrated and Overclocked harvesting tools that prevented them from being activated from inventory.
  • Updated heroic character poisons to use the same formulas as current tradeskilled poisons.
  • Corrected a bug that swapped the potency granted by level 5 Fabled familiars on characters below level 95 with the values that were supposed to be granted to characters level 95 and above.
  • "Shard of Hate: Gates of Scorn [Public Quest]" will now be announced instead of "Bastion of Thunder" in Plane of Magic when it becomes the active PQ.


Update Notes: Tuesday March 20, 2018

Solusek Ro's Tower: Citadel of the Sun [Raid]

  • Corrected an issue that could sometimes cause the Arlyxir ring event to not complete successfully.
  • Corrected an issue that caused the "Bellows" ability to not fire off reliably in the Arlyxir encounter.

Planes of Prophecy Raids

  • All spells that bosses cast on the entire party which last the entire encounter have been renamed with the prefix "Surge:"
  • Bosses below tier 4 should no longer increase their "Surge" damage over time spells if you have not defeated the previous bosses. All other requirements remain the same.


  • Corrected a bug that prevented Feral Rampage from triggering unless it was from a caster targeting spell.


  • Noble Taig Rhul, the Loyalty Realtor, is now selling the "Calm Forgotten Pools Sproutling" and "Ulteran Spires Replica".
  • Head Butler Z'Ral and Seneschal D'naraz once again properly drop legendary set shoulders.
  • Rings of Planar Power now properly have green adornments, and have had their effects adjusted slightly.
  • Unwashed Non-metallic Boots have had their crit bonus replaced with crit bonus overcap to match other armors of that tier.
  • The 2-piece set bonus on the EoF Requiem (Dirge) set now properly reduces Cacophony of Blades reuse by 25s, as stated in the description.
  • Beastlords may now select the Blade of the Sky reward from the quest Drawing Out the Cazi.
  • Ancient Musical Harp - Item is now tradeable.
  • Chronoportal Phenomenon books are now tradeable.
  • Bubonium Setting, Ignasium Setting, Mechanium Setting and Tempestium Setting are now no-trade.


  • Etherium Greatsword of Rage recipe now created the Etherium Greatsword of Rage.
  • Primitive Elm Bookshelf recipe is now named Primitive Elm Bookcase.
  • Removed Fizzlebottom's Remarkable Rechargeration Recipes recipe book from Gnort Fizzlebottom, as the product produced is no longer a valid item.
  • Reduced the amount of Vanadium required to craft the Gnomish Safety Recaller.
  • Reduced the amount of Acrylia required to craft the Overclocked Gnomish Hovering Device.


  • A Stitch in Time, Part II - Voonark gives accurate directions now for finding the components to the lightning rods.
  • For Whom the Doll Tolls - Respawn time on the dirty doll has been reduced.
  • A greater Threat - Journal description has been changed to indicate the quest targets are located " lesser Faydark."
  • Basilisks are now flagged as reptiles for familiar capture.
  • Drakota are now flagged as drakes for familiar capture.


  • Frozen Venom in Shard of Hate can more easily be forested regardless of one's size.