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EQII Downtime Friday, February 27 2015

US EverQuest II Live Servers will be brought offline on Friday, February 27, 2015 at 7:00AM PST for an update. Estimated downtime is approximately one hour.

EU EverQuest II Live Servers will be brought offline on Friday, February 27, 2015 at approximately 7:00AM PST for an update. (Approx. 3:00PM London Time on February 27, 2015). The estimated downtime will be 2 hours.

As of 9pm Pacific on Thurday there were no update notes avalable.

Downtime - Thursday, February 26, 2015

All US live servers will be brought offline on Thursday, February 26, 2015 at approximately 4:00AM PST for an update. EU servers will be brought offline on Thursday, February 27, 2015 at approximately 5am London time for an update. Estimated downtime for both sets of servers is one hour.

Both the Antonia Bayle and Oasis servers will be unavailable for approximately four hours for additional maintenance.

Patch notes are available after the jump.

Recent Issues Plague Users

EverQuest II players have been plagued by login and zoning issues recently. Today Justin “Jamiss” Michael, EQII Developer, posted a fix on the official forums. It seems that players who at some time manually edited their hosts file to sidestep some DNS issues might have to revert those changes:

Very important! If you are experiencing zoning or login issues, please double check your hosts file (C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts) and verify that there are no hosts defined in there for any of our services. There could be web addresses for,, and more in there. If they are in there, please remove them or comment them out.

Our launchpad and game would not have modified these files and we cannot modify them to what they should be. Changing it had to be done by someone at the PC. This was very likely done in response to DNS issues that occurred in July referenced here:

I will reiterate. Changing this file is not something that our LaunchPad or game can or should do. The hosts file requires user input to be modified.

Feldon of EQ2 Wire has edited his original post, referenced above, with instructions for reversing the changes.

Next, as reported by Niami Denmother  on EQ2 Trader's Corner. the in-game MotD states that there's an issue with mission givers in Altar of Malice and they have been removed from the game.

Update: Carlos “Gninja” Mora, EQII Developer responded to the AoM Missions issue this morning:

It is getting fixed and it is getting fixed right. We would rather get it right the first time and take an extra day to put in the needed testing than to rush it out and potentially make things worse. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Patch Notes - February 24, 2015

Daybreak Games has published update notes for Tuesday, February 24, 2015. There has been no downtime announcement, so until we hear otherwise we are assuming it's concurrent with the general maintenance scheduled for three hours starting at 7am Pacific. We'll update this notice if we get better information.

The notes are below.

Daybreak General Maintenance: February 24, 2015

Daybreak Games has announced a general maintenence affecting all their games:

Attention players: we will perform a general maintenance beginning at 7:00AM Pacific on Tuesday, February 24th. The current estimated downtime for this maintenance is up to three hours.

This maintenance may impact the following Daybreak services across all games:

  • Commerce functions, including purchases, for all games
  • Game logins
  • Web and forum logins for all Daybreak sites, including account creation

Thank you for your patience as we complete this maintenance.

Here's our handy Time Zone Conversation Tool to help you plan.

Moonlight Enchantments Start Tonight!

The monthly live event Moonlight Enchantments starts tonight! The grottos will open on the 20th at 12:01am PDT and close on the 21st at 11:59pm PDT. The time applies directly with no conversion to all servers. Check out our Moonlight Enchantments guide and peek at the rewards!

EQ2 Livestream - February 18 (Recap)

Executive Producer Holly Longdale and other members of the EverQuest II developer team will address the community and answer some questions during the Wednesday, February 18 Twitch livestream. It kicks off at 3pm PT/6pm ET.

THE LIVESTREAM HAS ENDED! Notes we took during it are after the jump; the recording is now available below. EQ2 Wire has also posted a recap of the stream.

NOTE: I saw a lot of people complaining about how vague the livestream was afterward in the Twitch chat. While I don't speak for the EQ2 team, I'm fairly certain that the intent of the stream wasn't to give us their detailed plans, but rather to reassure everyone that development is still happening. -Cyliena