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This quest is given by Blerton Blumble after you complete the "Watch Your Step in the Thundering Steppes, Part 1" quest. You must find his grandfather.

An 'X' on the beach
He is in a special instanced dungeon that is on the beach to the north. It seems to move around and has been reported at -108, -23, -959 , -103, -25, -856 or -105, -24, -826 or -46, -23, -1006 or -86, -24, -847 . This is the same place you enter the Pirate's Hidden Stash, it's an X on the shore.

Grandpa can be found at the very end of the small dungeon at 835.54, -19.64, 1069.6 . Grandpa will give you a quest to find Grandma who is in Nektulos. This is a separate sub-quest and found under related quests as Search For Grandma Blumble


After speaking to grandpa you can return to Blerton to get the return mail and your choice of rewards.

Return this mail to Jacques to open up the Watch Your Step in the Thundering Steppes, Part 2 quest.

Watch Your Step in the Thundering Steppes, Part 1 Thundering Steppes
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Search for Grandma Blumble
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