The Pride of the Chokidai  

This quest is part 2 of 7 for the Fabled version of the Fury-only Epic Weapon, Wrath of Nature.

  1. Find the Chokidai pack at 1767, 155, -2564 in Kylong Plains between the Jarsath Wastes post and the road to Chardok.
  2. When you get the update that you have found the pack, use theChokidai Mask in your inventory and speak to the Knowing chokidai.
  3. He will send you out to kill 10 Wurms and 10 Broken Toe Goblins which you can find scattered near the area.
  4. Go back and speak with the Knowing chokidai.
  5. You then call to the members of the pack and have them follow you to kill the Di'Zok Poachers. Right-click on each of the three chokidai pack members and they will follow you.
    • Find the Di'Zok Poachers just down the road towards Chardok at 1604, 132, -2561 .
  6. Go back and speak with the Knowing chokidai. He will then ask you if you are ready to confront your nature.
    • You might want a couple of friends for this one. When you are ready, go near the Pack Mentality, a level 83^^ Heroic. It will attack you.
  7. Harvest the rock at spawn point of the Pack Mentality ( 1755, 158, -2573 )
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