Retrieving Owlbear Eggs  

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owlbear egg
clockwork owlbear

Using the clockwork owlbear, collect 5 fresh owlbear eggs.

To do this:

  • Activate the clockwork owlbear when you are near an elder ash owlbear. You will become the clockwork owlbear so be sure you are in a safe spot!
  • Run over to the female and target her. Nothing will aggro you while you're the clockwork owlbear, but remember you will need to get the egg afterward, so pick an owlbear towards the edge of the group.
  • One by one, use abilities 1 through 4. If she does not drop the egg then, repeat.
  • Once she has dropped the egg she will become an NPC and will move away immediately. Use ability #5 to dismiss the clockwork owlbear and resume your normal perspective.
  • Harvest the egg.

When you have five eggs return to Millie for the next quest in this series.

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