Finding the Remedy  

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Related Items:
Clouded Elixir of Vitality
a plagued heart
Ridren's Blessing I

This quest is given by Ridren in Nektulos if you are a level 20+ alchemist. Ridren wanders the northern part of the river in west Nektulos. He asks you to:

  • Create 10 Clouded Elixirs of Vitality to help him in his research. (Level 15 recipe)
  • Kill five plagued animals to collect their hearts - This is currently a chest drop

This is believed to be related to the plague that has infested the land.

The reward is the recipe for Ridren's Blessing I, which requires the following to create:

1 Paraffin Wax Candle 1 Plagued Heart 1 Translucent Elixir of Vitality

This opens up the Finding the Remedy, Part II quest.

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