Dragoon Zytl - Black Rank  

CategoryNektulos Forest
Started By"Dragoon Zytl - Black Rank"
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"Dragoon Zytl - Black Rank"

This quest is initiated by reading the book "Dragoon Zytl - Black Rank". This book can be purchased from Sage Nevarius Orvalis in North Freeport at the Academy of Arcane Science. It takes place in Nektulos Forest and is completely soloable.

Complete the following kill tasks at Port Nay'thex in Nektulos Forest, reading the book after each set:

  1. 10 Nerius crabs
    • These can be found on the beach near docks.
  2. 10 Nerius crabs
  3. 10 Nerius crabs
  4. 10 Nerius marauders
    • These are found in the pirate camps on the beach, right next to the crabs.
  5. 10 Nerius marauders
  6. 10 Nerius marauders
  7. 10 Nerius seers
    • They are found on the beach, in the same camps as the Nerius marauders. The marauders are placeholders, and you will only get 1 seer per camp (if lucky).
  8. 10 Nerius seers
  9. 10 Nerius seers

And what do you receive for your efforts? A few silver pieces, some okay experience (about 3.5% at level 23) and a furniture version of the book that you can place in your house.

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