Flaming Glob Grab  

Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 18g, 29s, 27c
Max Coin: 19g, 32s, 30c
Choice Of:
Swamp Coated Explorer's Manacle
Swamp Coated Gladiator's Manacle
Swamp Coated Scholar's Manacle
Swamp Coated Spiritualist's Manacle
Faction Changes:

Game Update #51
Elements of Corruption
Live: March 31, 2009

Right, now the crazy goblin wants lava... or something. Head over to -486.43, -79.42, 64.10 and start killing Flaming Globules. These are common auto-updates.

Head back to Smapty to finish the quest.

Booming Business Lavastorm
Quest Series
Sootfoot Talent Society
Pieces of Flare
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Yes, this quest gives negative faction. The Sootfoot Talent Society is strange; the worse your faction, the better they treat you.

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