Broken key  

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This quest is initiated by examining a key by Maiden's Gulch Door in Lavastorm (outside facing the door to the right by some rocks). Loc: -194, -1.50, -349.90 .

  1. To repair the key, I still need to gather some lava. I should check the creatures found in the lava flows. Requires 4 updates from "a molten wormling" level 43^^^ mobs that roam in the lava near Fenin's Pass all way up to the lava waterfall.
  2. I should find a way to fuse the lava to the broken key. This is the forge in the Temple of Solusek Ro (). Go downstairs to room with Tazgar, walk to him and then turn around to face same direction as he is, you should see steps up with 2 pathways on each side, facing the 3 pathways take the right pathway down to the forge. You will need invis here or clear the room (was 8 level 47-48 ^ and ^^ mobs in the room - 3 encounters). You need to right click the forge to fix the key.

This completes the quest and grants access to Maiden's Gulch. Only 1 person needs to be keyed/flagged for access to zone everybody in.

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