One Last Chance at Treasure  

CategoryTenebrous Tangle
Started ByBilgeron's Map and Notes
Related Zone:
Min Coin: 20g, 19s, 93c
Max Coin: 23g, 22s, 2c
Ancient Treasure Chest
Choice Of:
Curved Porcelain Gem Bowl
Curved Bowl of Gems
Aviak Gem Collection

An examination of the map and notes has you checking out the Temple Grounds Cloud station.
  1. Explore around the Temple Grounds Cloud station.
    • You will find an X made out of stones on the ground at -262.46, -19.46, 18.73 , near the cloud station to Vultak Scavenging Site.
    • Clicking any of the stones instantly teleports you onto a hanging branch underneath Temple Grounds isle, walk forward along the branch to the treasure!
    • Find an X on the ground, click it, and follow the line to the treasure.
    • Ride the updraft back (click the blue sparklies on the root). Note: If you converted your cloud mount into a house item before clicking the blue sparklies, change it back into a mount to be able to interact with them.
  2. Return to Bilgeron.

Your reward is a new mount, a Self Contained Cloud, with 45% runspeed and Featherfall.

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