Rage Unleashed  

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a crawler hatchling
a crawler hatchling
Min Coin: 2g, 7s
Max Coin: 2g, 31s
Choice Of:
Innoruuk's Tempered Signet
Innoruuk's Cloudy Sigil
Faction Changes:

Starter: Xilania Nevagon near the Spire in Greater Faydark.

  • Hail Xilania
  • Go to East Fort Irontoe in Butcherblock Mountains and hail Maertha Pulzer. She wants to create a construct of Hate.
  • To start, you'll have to catch a crawler hatchling from the mines to the east. Use the "Crawler Net" she gave you on one of these little spiders. Return to Maertha
  • She sends you to kill Kargail at the top of the ramp near the docks. Kargail is found at 361.46, 193.57, 512.27 . You need to walk at the road for some time to spawn him. He runs up the ramp and stops up above. You can't hail him until he stops. Then, the spider is to feed on the body. Use "a crawler hatchling" from your inventory. He'll eat his fill, then you click on him and you'll pick him up.
  • Return to Maertha.
  • She tells you to release it at the entrance to the mines. When you do it goes on a killing spree. Killing everything in the mines except the foremen.
  • Return to Maertha

Into The Fold Innoruuk
Quest Series
A Necessary Step
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