Much Ado' About Rallos  

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This is part of the Ogre progressional series in Big Bend.

  • First talk to Zukogg and then take Skins of the Inferior from nearby barrels ( -11, 0, -20} ) }.
  • Second talk to Barch, gather a Vase of Qeynosian Origin from an elvish vase at , and return to Barch, who gives you the Blood of Rallos' Enemies.
  • Third talk to Crattok, but instead of paying return to Kroota. He sends you back to Crattok to pay with rat carcass snacks. She gives you some Incense.

After this return to Kroota to open up The Fume and Fire Ceremony.

Rat Barsh! Freeport Villages
Quest Series
Race: Ogre
Big Bend
The Fume and Fire Ceremony
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