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Draft of the Skilled 1Potion 
Draft of the Wise 1Potion 
Drakeblood oil 0Potion 
Drakeblood oil 0PotionQuest Reward, Quest Item
Draught of Ingenuity 0Potion 
Draught of Orcish Kin 0Potion 
Draught of the Monarch 0Potion 
Draught of the Skilled 0Potion 
Draught of the Skilled 1Potion 
Draught of the Versatile 0Potion 
Draught of the Vigilant 0Potion 
Draught of the Wise 0Potion 
Draught of the Wise 1Potion 
Draught of the Wise Adventurer 1Potion 
Draught of Vitality 0Potion 
Drink of the Skilled 1Potion 
Drink of the Wise 1Potion 
Elixir of Adeptness 40Potion 
Elixir of Brawn 40Potion 
Elixir of Deftness 40Potion 
Elixir of Greater Regeneration 40Potion 
Elixir of Greater Rejuvenation 40Potion 
Elixir of Greater Replenishment 40Potion 
Elixir of Greater Restoration 40Potion 
Elixir of Hardening 40Potion