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baked grouper 10Food 
Baked Grouper 10FoodCrafted
Baked Mackerel 20FoodCrafted, Quest Item
baked owlbear brisket 40FoodCrafted
baked sabertooth brisket 50Food 
Baked Shark 30FoodCrafted, Quest Item
baked snapper 30FoodCrafted
baked squash 60FoodCrafted, Quest Item
Baked Tigershrimp 50FoodCrafted, Quest Item
Baked Trout 40FoodCrafted, Quest Item
Bamboo and Fearstalker Stew 80FoodCrafted
Bamboo Remoulade Topped Octopus 80FoodCrafted
Bamboo Seasoned Octopus Chop 80FoodCrafted
Bamboo Stew 80FoodCrafted
Bangers & Mush 100FoodPurchased
Barracuda and Prawn Kebabs 70FoodCrafted
Barracuda Bone Soup 70FoodCrafted
Barracuda Casserole 70FoodCrafted
Barracuda Roll 70FoodCrafted
Barracuda Soup 70FoodCrafted
basil grilled deer 1Food 
basil grilled sunfish 1Food 
basil soup broth 1Food 
Bat Fruit 20Food 
Bat Jerky 20FoodQuest Reward, Quest Item