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canteen of purified river water 60DrinkPurchased
canteen of river water 20DrinkPurchased
canteen of spring water 1DrinkPurchased
cardamom fizzlepop 40DrinkCrafted
Carrot Fizzlepop 10DrinkCrafted
carrot kalish 10Drink 
Carrot Kalish 10DrinkCrafted
Caynar Nut Frappe 80DrinkCrafted
Caynar Nut Infused Beer 80DrinkCrafted
Caynar Sparkling Wine 80DrinkCrafted
Cerebral Hemorrhage 50DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
chai 50Drink 
Channel Mender Tea 20Drink 
Cherry Marrtini 80DrinkCrafted
Chillblossom Brandy 90DrinkCrafted
Chillblossom Fizzlepop 90DrinkCrafted
Chillblossom Whisky 90DrinkCrafted
Chillblossom Wine 90DrinkCrafted
chilled absinthe 40DrinkCrafted
chilled afternoon tea 30DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
chilled ambrosia 30DrinkCrafted
chilled antonican coffee 10Drink 
chilled artichoke kalish 50Drink 
chilled barley malted milk 1Drink 
chilled big fayberry 20DrinkCrafted, Quest Item