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fashioned feyiron censer 28ShieldCrafted
Doll of Nyth 31ShieldDropped
Clansman Shortbow 60WeaponDropped
Imbued Stonehide Leather Bandolier 50Weapon 
Bulwark of Piety 29ShieldDropped
Fashioned Feysteel Idol 32Shield 
imbued ironwood long bow 50Weapon 
Tailored Etched Leather Pouch 30Weapon 
Imbued Boiled Leather Pouch 20Weapon 
Fashioned Nacre Orb 50Shield 
Enameled Leather Pouch 20Weapon 
Tome of Prophetical Travels 10Shield 
Fashioned Feyiron Idol 30ShieldCrafted
Opaline Orb 30ShieldCrafted
Male Ulteran Mannequin 0House ItemPurchased
Dismal Rage's Staff 60WeaponQuest Reward, Quest Item
Imbued Engraved Leather Sheath 32Weapon 
Stuck Tape Measure 40Weapon 
Skyfire Bow of the Nimble 76Weapon 
Augmented Leather Sheath 42WeaponCrafted
shaped imbued rosewood short bow 60Weapon 
crude conditioned teak long bow 34Weapon 
Shaped Imbued Scaled Leather Sheath 52Weapon 
Orb of Siphoned Wishes 60Shield 
Fashioned Fulginate Tablet 40Shield