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Pitted Stone Necklace 12AccessoryDropped
Necklace of Fiery Gazes 40AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Locket of the Guk Priest 80AccessoryDropped
Pantrilla's Talisman 68AccessoryDropped
Desert Defender's Choker 40AccessoryDropped
Practiced Defender's Torque 10Accessory 
Skyfire Amulet of Fangs 76Accessory 
Beads of the Sky Warrior 60AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Pirate's Amulet of the Knight 6Accessory 
Draconic Amulet of Fangs 80Accessory 
Enchanted Medium's Beads 30Accessory 
Prime Architect's Signet 90AccessoryDropped
Atrebite Signet Brooch 80AccessoryDropped
Doomcaster's Collar of Command 60Accessory 
Timorous Stalker's Torque 10AccessoryDropped
void energized amulet of crystallization 80AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Emperor's Amulet of the Tempest 71Accessory 
Scarf of the Ghost 40Accessory 
Pixane of Silence 47AccessoryDropped
Crude Fashioned Ruby Arcane Locket 42Accessory 
Journeyman's Amulet of the Stoic 1Accessory 
Fashioned Vanadium Torque 52Accessory 
Imperial Amulet of Light 56Accessory 
Glowing Stone Collar 63AccessoryDropped
Grandmaster's Amulet of the Tempest 80Accessory