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NameMobsQuests IncreasingQuests Decreasing
The Spirits of Marr1200
The Spirits of Val'marr000
The Steppes Settlers6600
The Stonebrunt Protectors400
The Strifewing4500
The Sullian Fairies400
The Sullonites of Drunder400
The Swiftrider Mercenaries1860
The Swifttail Caste000
The Tae Ew Lizardmen10700
The Tallonites7100
The Tallonites of Drunder100
The Temple of Scale13200
The Thexians5900
The Tribunal950
The Tunarian Alliance10711
The Underpaw Gnolls2900
The Unflinching Order of Rime000
The Vallonites of Drunder700
The Vision of Vox100
The Watchers of Timorous0950
The Whistling Fists Clan140
The Windgazer23150
The Windsisters100
The Yarpsnarl Kobolds2500