The Splitpaw Saga (EQ2 Quest Series)  

The Splitpaw Saga
Quest Series
Starting ZoneThundering Steppes
Rec. Levels20 to 50
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EverQuest II
Quest Series

Deep within the Sundered Splitpaw dwells the greatest threat in Norrath's new history!

Enter the legendary lair of the Splitpaw Gnolls to discover the terrible secrets of their mysterious dungeons. Use movable planks, crates and barrels to forge your way through a series of event-based zones while battling a ferocious clan of cannibalistic gnolls. Experience the thrill of adventure for months to come as the challenge scales in difficulty for players between 20th and 50th level. [1].

Introduced on June 8, 2005, The Splitpaw Saga was the second Adventure Pack episode released for EverQuest II.


  • Target Audience: All of the Splitpaw zones are automatically scaled to your level (20-50), except for the raids. You can modify the target level by choosing normal, difficult, or very difficult when you zone into an instance.

  • Layout: The hub of the adventure pack is a city zone called the Splitpaw Den. In this city zone you will find entrances to all of the Splitpaw zones, plus quest NPCs, merchants, and a mender. Before you can use any of the Splitpaw zones, you must complete a required instance (see below)....

Access Quest

Get started by /claiming your a darkened azure shard and inspecting it. This will initiate the access quest. You must complete the first instance to gain entry to the rest of the adventure pack. Doing this solo takes 45-60 minutes and is fairly challenging, but you can bring friend(s) to make it faster and easier.

You must complete the access quest before you can enter the rest of the adventure pack.

Getting There

Once you have completed the access quest, then you can enter Upper Tunnels and the rest of the Splitpaw zones.

Splitpaw is a complex of connected dungeons. The entrance zone is called Upper Tunnels, and is located in the southwest corner of Thundering Steppes.

At first, you must go through Upper Tunnels every time you want to reach the rest of the adventure pack. The left-hand route through Upper Tunnels is heroic, while the right-hand route is soloable.

After you earn the trust of the gnolls, you'll be able to skip the Upper Tunnels and teleport directly into the Splitpaw Den from anywhere in the world. For details, please see A Darkened Shard, Part 2.

Solo Content

All solo content in this Adventure Pack scales to your level, within the range of 20-70.

Quest: In Zone:
Note: the free adventure, Captive Audience, does not advance any Splitpaw quests.

Heroic Content

All heroic content in this Adventure Pack scales to your level, within the range of 20-70.

Quest: In Zone:
Note: Zones marked with a * count toward earning the trust of the gnolls. See A Darkened Shard, Part 2 for details.

Raid Content

Quest: In Zone:
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