EQ2 Zone:Wurmbone Crag  


Level 95 (Solo)
Access Shades of Drinal: Puzzle Pieces
Required by all? No
Success3 days
November 13, 2012
Game Update 65

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This solo instance can be found in Jarsath Wastes at -1127, 123, 2015 , southeast of Danek Shipyards. You can get there by speaking to Brind on the Danek Shipyard dock.

  • Flight is not allowed here, and falling off the platforms may kill you without safe fall or featherfall.
  • Mercenaries are allowed here
  • Ashloks sometimes will teleport you to behind them, so be wary of positioning on platforms.

Zone Walkthrough (Advanced Solo)

  1. Head north and clear through the scorpions and spiders until you reach Aracanocht (95^). It will make white sacs appear during the fight.. either burn down the named fast enough for these to not hatch into several 95^ mobs or kill the sacs (they have a lot of health).
  2. Work your way through the Ashlok on the platforms. A couple of platforms up you will reach Grelck the Slaughterer (95^). He has some powerful attacks but is a tank and spank fight.
  3. Continue working your way along the platforms. After the devourer platform you'll reach another named, Errlik the Bludgeoner. Errlik will occasionally fling you straight up in the air and the doom toothed gorger has a chance of fearing you off the platform (which breaks the encounter). We recommend taking out the gorgers first.
  4. Continue up the platforms until you reach Merglok the Slasher. He will occasionally yell "Claws! SLASH!" (around 80%, 60% and 20% health) and dish out massive amounts of damage to anyone within a certain radius. He gets rooted when he does this so just back off a fair distance. He has some other high damage abilities but the claws are the killer here. If you have a mercenary make sure that they're backing off as well.
  5. Continue up the platforms. You will come to the final named, the Krelgrek Bone-Chair (96^). The effect on him is called "Bone Blade", which is a 15% chance every 15 seconds for any opponent to be hit by Necrotic Bone Shards, a 3 second (curable) debuff that does health/mana damage, dazes and lowers noxious resist. He'll also spawn two bone whirlwinds to attack during the fight and occasionally toss you up in the air. Killing him updated the quest Shades of Drinal: Puzzle Pieces.


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