EQ2 Zone:High Keep: The Pickclaw Depths (Advanced Solo)  


Level 103 (Solo)
Success3 days
Tears of Veeshan
November 12, 2013

Enter High Keep:The Pickclaw Depths at -314, 167, -584 on Karak Peak in Vesspyr Isles.

NOTE: There is a 365% CC Debuff (Heathen Swine) so you will need VERY good pre-ToV armor or at least the quested ToV armor/jewelry. Also, even the trash mobs have millions of HP's (at least on Beta on 11/01/13)

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Zone Walkthrough

Club High Pass

Named mobs:

      • Bloogly -129, -125, 162
      • Nurgal floats between first two rooms as you enter

  1. To make Bloogly attackable you need to throw a pie in his face. Grab the pie out of the other room -106, -130, -34 , go back to the stage in Club High Pass and click on Bloogly
  2. Kill Bloogly:
    • Kill his drummer and guitarist first then kill Bloogly
    • After killing Bloogly you will see the message "You discover a safe key near Bloogly's corpse"
  3. "Use" the key to open the safes by clicking on the safe doors at
    • -59, -127, -131
    • -77, -127, -131
    • -78, -127, -115
    • -59, -127, -115
  4. You will find a "blue bar" in one of the safes. Nurgal will attack you when you click on it
  5. Kill Nurgal
    • Just tank-and-spank. A few zombie adds will come to his aid (DPS is very important here so you may consider calling up your DPS type mercenary instead of your healer. Burn him down quickly and the zombies will not be an issue.)
  6. The Northeast door in the first room is now unlocked, proceed north down that hallway and take a left when you come to a room.
  7. Continue west down the hallway until you come to a room with Bigz the Big. When he sees you, he will throw you in a prison cell

Prison Cell

  1. Warning! You are now unarmed (in spite of being able to see your equipment)
  2. Break the wood planks at the back of the cell to escape.
  3. Head west down the tunnel to the mines.
  4. Drop down and head back up the hallway you came down when you met Bigz
  5. Go through the room and continue east through the door that is now open
  6. Click on the chest -126, -145, -208 to get your weapons back
  7. Also, click on "a set of memoirs" to the left of the chest (read it and you will discover the origin of Zorin, Bolgin and what happened to High Keep)
  8. Head east to Zorin's Chamber

Zorin's Chamber

Named Mobs: Zorin the Spirit-taker -187, -145, -208

  1. Kill Zorin
    • At the entrance to Zorin's Chamber you'll be able to pick up Jailer's Keys. During the fight this will allow you to open the bottom floor cells. The prisoner's you've released will begin attacking Zorin. But be wary, towards the end of the fight, Zorin "sets the prisoners free" which causes them to attack you!
    • During the fight he will emote "I'll cut through you quicker now!" and "You cannot escape my blades!" - Zorin's attack speed will increase (I think)
    • At around 10% health, he says "Listen up! You're all free! But I know who you are! Help me and live! Flee and I will hunt you down after I'm through with this lot!" - the prisoners you released now begin to attack you. Note: this happens even if you've already killed Zorin.
    • Surprisingly, I was able to just tank-and-spank him with my SK with no problem
  2. Head back to the mines (northwest)

The Pickclaw Mines

Named mobs: Bigz the Big -24, -153, -284

  1. Find the chain at -36, -153, -247
  2. Pull the chain and Bigz will change from a 96^^^Heroic (and VERY hard to kill) to a 96^^ Heroic and attack you
  3. Kill Bigz
    • Fight him beside the chain
    • During the fight, keep your cursor over the chain. When it becomes a hand, click on it (pull the chain) and Bigz will take about 5% damage
    • If, during the fight, your screen goes green, it means you have been AOE-cursed (Trauma)...cure it quickly (my SK's Zealous Smite was able to cure it) or you will wipe
  4. Proceed north down the mines to The Pulverizer

The Pulverizer

Named mobs: Stompus -17, -179, -228

  1. Kill Stompus:
    • If you try to range him, he will say "Get ova here!" and pull you into the Pulverizer where you will get crushed if you don't get out in time
    • Fight him where he stands
    • During the fight Stompus will say "Uh, oh, here we goes again!" and will look up. You will then see the text "Rocks begin to fall from the ceiling!" - Joust to safety
    • Adds will come to help him...kill them with AOE's but stay on Stompus
  2. Click on his spirit if you are on the quest Tears of Veeshan: Shattered Dreams
  3. Go through the hole behind the Pulverizer

Bolgin's Hoard

Named mobs: Bolgin Serilis -62, -164, -171

  1. Kill the first group of 3 "a Pickclaw bodyguard < Bolgin Outer-Outer Brigade >"
  2. Kill the next group of 4 "a Pickclaw bodyguard'< Bolgin Outer-Inner Brigade >'"
  3. Kill the next group of 5 "a Pickclaw bodyguard < Bolgin Inner-Outer Brigade >"
  4. Kill the next group of 3 "a Pickclaw bodyguard < Bolgin Inner-Inner Brigade >"
  5. Kill Bolgin:
    • When you approach him, he will say "The hoard's been breached!" and become attackable
    • Immediately, adds will spawn, Bolgin will run to a heap of coins to throw barrels at you and seems to take little or no damage
    • Burn down the swarm of adds (you will eventually get a total of 20)
    • Once the adds are killed, Bolgin will start to take damage
    • Periodically during the fight you will see the message "Bolgin Serilis pops a cork!" - This gives Bolgin stoneskin...move him about 3 meters to break the spell
    • Continue to fight Bolgin, moving him back and forth as he gets stoneskin (don't keep backing in the same direction or you may break the encounter)
    • He will also stun, daze and blind you during the fight...just keep beating on him
    • Ocassionally, you will see the message "Bolgin drank too much of his potion!" - Stop fighting him
      • He will stand in one place to gather his wits (I guess)
      • If you attack him while he is "drunk" more adds will come (eventually you will get a "defender of Below")
      • When he's ready, he will attack you and you can start fighting him again
  6. Climb up the ladder at -66, -165, -161 to take a shortcut back to the entrance of the zone


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