EQ2 Quest:Where Will This Lead Me  

This was originally the access quest for the Chamber of Immortality. It is now optional.

It is given by Arven Oshus at Thundermist Village 554, 0, -82 , who only speaks Halasian. You can buy the Halasian Language Primer in Scale Yard, Graystone Yard or other major cities.

  1. Find an elderly Hermit near the entrance to The Ruins of Varsoon, in The Thundering Steppes. Reported locations are at -678, -6, 682 or -611, 0, 744 .
  2. The Elderly Hermit wants you to kill the following monsters in the Ruins of Varsoon:
    • Thimzem Ci'Re in the Workshop of the Enchanter at 258, -4, 130
    • Et'sipe Ymeresh in the Workshop of the Sorcerer at 297, -4, 61
    • Erbmys Sumyd in the Workshop of the Summoner at 163, 0, 99

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