EQ2 Quest:Scaled Necromancer  

EverQuest II
Tears of Veeshan
November 12, 2013

[101] Scaled Necromancer (Solo)
Category: Vesspyr Isles
To start:

Speak to Leizoth at 762, 356, 73 on Blightscale island within the Vesspyr Isles after The Mystery of Draazak

  1. Place 6 gems where Draazak rests. These are black particle effect spots surrounding 679, 375, 173
    • placing the gems does not break stealth
    • sometimes you'll be attacked by a group of Horde
    • watch out for Draazak the Ancient, a level 103 Epic x4 dragon that roams Blightscale
  2. Go back and click on the 6 gems you placed
  3. Return to Leizoth to complete the quest.

Gem Spots
Gem Spots


  • Coin

The Mystery of Draazak Vesspyr Isles
Quest Series
The Fallen Tear
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