The EverQuest II Modular Atlas Project, located at http://maps.eq2interface.com. EQ2MAP provides an enhanced Map UI with Points of Interest (POIs) marked by dots that give important information while in-game. POIs are supplied by users via the EQ2MAP website and an auto-updater keeps your maps current every time you start EverQuest II.

EverQuest II
EQ2MAP is a free project, hosted on EQ2Interface's servers. EQ2Interface is a part of the ZAM Network, as is Allakhazam's Magical Realm. This UI Mod is officially approved by SOE and, in fact, most of the devs have admitted to using it.

Note to Wikibase Contributors: You can link any page to EQ2MAP using EQ2MAPSidebar. This will put an info box on the right side of the page with up to four zone or poi links to EQ2MAP's database.

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