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ffxi or eq2, and why?Follow

#1 May 10 2005 at 8:18 AM Rating: Decent
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I am currently playing ffxi, and I am considering about moving to either eq2 or wow. I need some incentive! why do you play what you play? If it helps I will get a little more specific on what I would like. In ffxi i play a warrior (59) who totes dual weilding axes. The job is purely offensive. I also play a tank as a ninja (lvl 46). If you dont know ninjas are the damageless tank, we have shadows and with perfected timing we keep them up while erasing previous ones for timers and if done right we can go unhit for levels at a time :D So is there any jobs in this game like this? Preferably I would like to do something a little 'stealthy' as ninjas in ffxi had shurikens for throwing and were originally meant to be debuffers with ninja tools.
In ffxi we relied on groups of 6 for our xp. Is it the same setup for eq2?

Part of the reason im getting fed up with ffxi is that every job has its set certain items that EVERYONE in the game goes after, usually one or two good choices per slot of equipment. There really is not that much character development. I have heard that eq has an endless list of equipment and no two characters are ever alike. Is this true? :)

Thanks in advance!
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