Smuggler's Den  

Level -
TypeInstanced Indoor

Join the battle of two groups eternally at odds! Seafarer factions are vying for supremacy and willing to handsomely reward any mercenary brave enough to fight for their side. With limitless resources, neither side is willing to allow the opposition to capture and control the islets. Key control over pivotal trading positions is imperative to delivering goods in a profitable manner. The battle continues with the struggle to control strategic lookouts and smuggler havens.

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Basic Information

  • Game Type: Hold Territory
  • Players: 24 vs. 24
  • Environment: Five spires on top of two pinnacles jutting out of a raging ocean
  • Objective: Gain control and hold towers longer than the opposition to earn Tower Tickets
  • Win Condition: First team to reach the displayed Tower Ticket goal (or achieve 1250 points) wins



Game Update 55

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