The Overlord's Throne Room  

Level37 - 45
TypeInstanced Indoor


Level 37 to 45 (Heroic)
Success18 hours
This is a special instanced dungeon that is often referred to as Runnyeye B. It is targeted at a single group of players.

1. Once you zone in, to the left there will be a warboar guarding a door. Kill him, and the door opens to a room that has three heroic groups. One to either side, and one dead ahead. The one dead ahead has two warboars and a chest grouped together. Once you kill the chest, loot it to get 'a star shaped key'.

2. A named with some friends will spawn and babble a bit of nonsense before becoming attackable and aggroing you. Kill them, then run up to the upper hallway and use the looted key to open the locked door.

3. As you enter the room, a ring event begins. Pretty easy one, but conserve your mana as much as you can. You don't get much of a breather between groups. The first spawn is elite warboars, followed by a ^^ named with some friends. Immediately after this is the overlord. He's a 42^^^ but seems seriously over conned. Kill him, and loot the (hopefully equisite) chest.

4. The lockout timer after killing the first named is the standard 18 hours. I had no problem soloing this zone, with a couple of fake deaths to regain mana. Enjoy!

walkthrough courtesy of Ragnaroff, 48 Bruiser, The Bazaar

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