A More Dangerous Game! Test of Mastery!  


  • You must have at least 45,000 faction with Clan Stormshield to receive this quest.

To prove that I have learned all the lessons he has taught me, Grim Stormshield tells me to slay the great wurm, Grimebelly ( -2550, 300, 553 ) , an 83^ solo named that will trigger-spawn when you approach the back of the valley at The Temple of the Red Lord sokokar post.

After your victory, return to Grim for your well-earned reward.

In addition to your choice of the reward items at right, you will also receive the suffix title, ", Hunter of the Wastes"

A More Dangerous Game! Test of Scale! Jarsath Wastes
Quest Series
Skyfire Mountains
Faction: Clan Stormshield
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