A Strange Creature  

CategoryKylong Plains
Related Zone:
Min Coin: 6g, 88s, 19c
Max Coin: 7g, 97s, 22c
Faction Changes:

a Vespid wasp hatchling
a Vespid wasp hatchling
This quest is one of 3: Each quest earns +2000 faction with Residents of Teren's Grasp. After completing all three you will be offered a final quest, An Important Package, to return to Teren's Grasp for +6000 faction and a very nice reward choice.

  1. These quests are all started by finding one of the strange creatures that Traigia showed you in the box.

    • All 3 of them are in the different hives.
      • A Strange Creature is in a doorway right after you climb up, at 1626,278,-1915
      • Another Strange Creature is in one of the honeycombs on the left side of the hive. The wax drip is located at 1636,273,-1904 .
      • Yet Another Strange Creature is on the far-left wall of a hive, near the wood looking texture, at 1511,278,-1918 .
  1. Take the creature to Traigia

No Ember Hornet Kylong Plains
Quest Series
An Important Package
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