Two Wrongs Do Not Make a Right  

This quest begins by examining a Sullied Illegible Note that drops off various mobs ("an agonized essence" and "bloodsaber assassin" confirmed). NOTE: You no longer have to inspect the note in between steps.

  1. Kill Irisor the Insane to spawn him click on the skeleton in the alcoves in a room with ire minions 83.50, 6.85, -73.68 or 140.24, 6.68, -76.70 .
  2. Kill Irisor the Insane again, to spawn him click on the rock in Windstalker Village, Antonica -1911.01, -32.21, -518.61 .
  3. Kill Irisor the Insane yet again, in Thundering Steppes by clicking a rock in the giants area 392.30, -1.00, 888.86 .
  4. This guy just won't die. Kill Irisor the Insane just one last time, in the Ruins of Varsoon.
  5. Inspect a wine bottle on a rack, found at first room on the right 143, -4, 30 .
    • Inspecting it will spawn (guess who) Irisor the Insane. Kill him and then inspect the note again to receive your reward.

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