A Thread of Hope  

To start this quest, collect a yellow shiny just inside the entrance of the Deep Forge, east side of the door, at -10, 1, 32 . To see this shiny you must have equipped Toggery's Tinkered Excavation Cap (the reward from Tinkering with Toggery) or an Excavation Helmet.


  1. Find a way to identify this mysterious thread
    1. Talk to Frederick Saltmarsh on the Lavastorm docks at -166, -120, 653 . Depending on what chat option you choose, he wants 50 gold or 1 platinum to identify the thread.
    2. Listen to what Frederick has to say
      • He will give back your coin when he finds out what the thread is. He won't tell you what he actually found out, though, except that he won't stand in the way of Najena.
  2. Seek out someone INSANE! to help identify the mysterious thread
    • Find Toggery von Gearbender inside Temple of Solusek Ro at -246, -60, -657 and ask him a question or two
  3. Investigate the Deep Forge for clues about the robes the gnome spoke of
    • Talk to Ruddybupp, found at the Netherflame Forge at 88, 1, 4
  4. Ruddybupp wants a full set of Magmatic Bronze Armor in return for a special robe. This armor can be crafted from recipes that drop from any mob in the zone (Chest Drops). Ruddybupp is also a Fuel Merchant and will sell you the smoldering coal you need. He also sells Sunfish Rolls, if you get a little hungry doing all that crafting!
  5. Bows and Ammo: volume 14
    Bows and Ammo: volume 14
    Ruddybupp wants you to get him a book from Najena's Hollow Tower called "Bows and Ammo: volume 14". This can be found outside the jail cells on a shelf at -20, -195, -139 .
  6. Return to Ruddybupp with the book.
  7. Ruddybupp sets up a meeting for you with Lady Najena at the Magma Grotto in Lavastorm (at -250, -129, 481 . When you speak with her, she agrees to give you a magical robe if you can pass her trial to prove you are worthy of one.
  8. Speak to Lady Najena to receive your reward.

Shopping List

Recipes (looted in Deep Forge):


Please note: You must make this armor at Ruddybupp's forge in the Deep Forge instance. Each recipe requires 10 Bricks of iron ore, but the crafter receives 2 back for each successful combine. If you have these pieces made through the commissioning system, be sure to un-check the Crafter receives side products checkbox.

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