Foomby's Stolen Goods  

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Min Coin: 5g, 69s, 57c
Max Coin: 6g, 5c
Bag of Sewn Evil Eye

This is the quest for the Bag of Sewn Evil Eye. It is given by Foomby Slopdigger near the Tagglefoot farm in the Enchanted Lands -685, -2, -638 . It can be initiated at level 32.

  1. Find a Cracked Gold Monocle which was stolen by some Darkflight Faeries in the Enchanted Lands. This is a rare drop that will automatically update in your journal after killing them for some time. After obtaining the gold monocle return to Foomby.
  2. He will then send you off to kill Chomper, a rare spawn in the pond at -169, 10, -503 . His placeholder is a Hungry Nibbler. After slaying Chomper, return to Foomby.
  3. You will then be be sent to speak with Bellendis Tempestcall ( 200, 0, -260 ) in the Granary.
  4. She sends you to slay 15 Lamias (any Lamias). This is a timed step and you only are given 20 minutes. The timer does not start until you kill the first Lamia, however.
  5. Once the last lamia dies, Baz'Tarog the Corrupter (a named Nightblood) will spawn at -481, 7, -904 .
  6. Return to Foomby to complete the quest and receive your Bag of Sewn Evil Eye.

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