Claim the Phylactery  

  1. Kill the following:
    • The first key guardian -160,151,-1020 .
    • The second key guardian -93,151,-980 .
    • The third key guardian -318,151,-1048 .
    • The fourth key guardian -354,151,-1003 .
  2. Enter the tower at -232, 154, -1052 and kill Lord Rak'Ashiir and his two noble advisors.
    • Be sure everyone in your group enters the room, or they will be locked out when the door closes.
  3. Click on the urn to Remove Phylactery.
  4. Examine the Rile's Phylactery in your inventory to complete the quest.

Venture in Deep Kunzar Jungle
Quest Series
Hidden Plunderer's Camp
Hold on to the Phylactery
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