Spirits in the Streets  

Level100 (Scales)
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 2g, 20s, 65c
Max Coin: 3g, 23s, 72c

This quest is only available to Trolls.

Speak to Nelik Ulnya at -231, -56, 196 in back of Freeport Block and Tackle, South Freeport.

  1. Defeat possessed trolls in Big Bend (0/6)
    • Go to Big Bend: Sanctum of Spirits. Enter through the old Big Bend gates in South Freeport at 61, -12, 270 .
    • You'll find Militia guards taking down crazed trolls. You're going to have to fight your way in.
    • Kill red-glowing a possessed trolls for your updates.
  2. Visit the Torch of Ogguk. It's at 3, 1, -4 . Right click it and "touch" it for the update.
  3. Return to Nelik Ulnya.
  4. She sends you to Acolyte Ksylia outside the Temple of War in North Freeport -79, -9, -121 .
  5. Return to Nelik Ulnya.

The City of Freeport
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Collective Memory
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