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Trap for Hollowfrost Grove
Trap for Guardian's Gulch
Min Coin: 2g, 20s, 65c
Max Coin: 3g, 23s, 72c
Choice Of:
Coif of the Frostborn
Coif of the Winterone
Helm of the Frostgiant
Cap of the Winterborn
Trog Leather Helm

Trapper Stu Wart requests that you check his traps that are laying around the Hollowfrost Grove area. While you're at it, he'd like you to place two new traps, one in the gultch (need loc), and one in the grove (need loc).

  1. a trap
    a trap
    Inspect 8 traps in Hollowfrost Grove and Guardian's Gulch. Known locations include:
    • In Hollowfrost Grove
      • -325, -9, -320
      • -360, -7, -278
      • -455, 1, -355 }
      • -360, 6, -435
    • In Guardian's Gulch
      • -520, -37, -666
      • -710, -37, -680
      • -453, -37, -903
      • -425, -37, -905
  2. Right-click the traps that are in your inventory and select "Use", while you are in the correct valley for each. Note: If you lose either trap for any reason, you can get a replacement by talking to Stu Wart.
  3. Return to Trapper Stu Wart.

Toxifying the Trogs Everfrost
Quest Series
The Ferocity of the Tundra
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