The Seal of the Sea  

Grants AA
CategorySilent City
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 6g, 19s, 1c
Max Coin: 6g, 28s, 12c
Seal of the Sea
a medallion of urns
a lockbox

This quest is initiated by examining a tattered scroll at loc 143, 31, 167 , just inside the secret entrance of the Silent City. This quest is no longer required for access to the Silent City, but it is a prerequisite to the quest, An Offering and Peace, in the Peacock Club Quest Series. You can do this quest at ANY time before that quest.

The first order of business is to find and inspect the raised block. This block is found right at the entrance on the wall at +147.17, +30.86, +162.08 .

You must then search for an inspect the tower chest. This is on the tower on the left hand side of the zone. You will have to scale the wall to get to the top. Be warned that there are two tower guards at the top who will most likely aggro you upon reaching the top. The chest is at +102.24, +44.11, +320.7 . You will find that it is locked.

You must then find a way to open the keyless tower chest. What you need to do is head back to the entrance and hit the raised block. This will start a timer which gives you 35 seconds to get to something that is triggered by it. You have 35 seconds to get to the chest from the initial update. be sure to click the text in the popup before the timer expires!

Once you get the update you get 2 items, a lockbox and a medallion of urns. Note that the lockbox is NO-DESTROY.. The quest asks that you to examine the lockbox and doing so updates the quest.

Now you need 5 gems. Kill the mobs with the same names as the gems to get the updates. They are:

These are all soloable mobs in the vicinity of the back door.

Getting all the gems and examining the lockbox again completes the quest. It does not take too long. The reward was a bit over 6 gold plus access to the backdoor from The Sinking Sands. This entrance is in one of the caves in the Bay of Anuk.

Now for the medallion. Examining it gives you the quest "An Offering and Peace" after you complete the Confirming the Right Track quest. The first step is to find 2 objects related to the medallion. The first is a tablet of runes at 221.14, 30.16, 345.01 .

From Hands of Stone Peacock Club
Quest Series
Confirming the Right Track
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