A Nightmarish Illness  

Grants AA
CategoryWorld Event
Level100 (Scales)
Related Zones:
Required Mobs:
Hedge Seeds
Choice Of:
Hollow Cloak of the Hedge
Hedge Hollow Tapestry

This quest begins in Nektulos Forest on the docks. Speak first with Altius Volfban at 758, 2, -146 .

See our zone page for The Hedge Hollow for a complete zone walk-through, including map!

  1. Seek out a cure to what ails Altius.
    • Speak with Setri Lur'eth, at a tent on northwest end of beach at 1087, 0, -329 .
  2. You should assure Altius you will retrieve his cure
    • Altius is still on the docks of Nektulos.
  3. Enter the labyrinth and retrieve the cure.
    • This is The Hedge Hollow, an instance of The Cauldron Hollow but filled with walls to turn it into a maze. ( 883, 7, -470 )
  4. The werewolf must be slain!
  5. Return to Setri and find out what happened


The choice between:

After completing this quest, you are able to re-enter The Hedge Hollow and receive the repeatable version, A Nightmarish Return. Beginning in 2011 Setri Lur'eth will also offer the quest Survive the Night.

Nights of the Dead
Quest Series
A Nightmarish Return
Survive the Night
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Nights of the Dead
(Introduced in 2009)

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