Covering Your Snow Tracks!  

If you leave the zone without completing it, you will lose this quest and the quest will start anew next time you enter, losing all progress.

The Freethinker, Aildiun Mawdrun, tells you that they have noted your mistake in dealing with the baby ice dragon. Before others do as well, he suggests you clean up after yourself. Entering the zone starts the quest.

For a complete walkthrough of this zone see the The Icy Keep (Hard) zone page.

Return to the Icy Keep:

A frozen goblin
A frozen goblin
  • Thaw out and then kill 10 partially thawed goblins
    • -50,15,187
    • -4,6,83
    • -21,1,-51
    • -92,1,-171
    • -93,0,-205
    • -8,3,-147
    • 29,1,-79
    • -35,1,-81
    • -80,1,-82
    • 84,0,-79
    • 86,1,-207
  • Destroy 5 of the returned guardians of the egg.


The choice between the following:

It's Time to Sleigh the Dragon! Frostfell
Quest Series
The Icy Keep
An Exalting Experience!
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Occurs annually during the winter holiday season.

Introduced for Frostfell 2008.

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