Eliminating the Competition  

CategoryKunzar Jungle
Completed Quest: Meeting the Demand
Completed Stage: 1
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 9g, 46s, 1c
Max Coin: 10g, 51s, 2c
Faction Changes:

Kriinz Nax wishes me to eliminate some of her competition by bumping off her rival, Gredix Troz. I should be able to find Gredix and his crew assessing the sabrecat population and determining a camp site for the pelt trade, southeast of the city.

Gredix Troz and crew are located at 450.93, -49.57, 98.47 . Note that you will take faction hits with The City of Jinisk for killing Gredix and each of his two minions.

Meeting the Demand Kunzar Jungle
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The City of Jinisk
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