Every One Counts  

  1. Speak to Siyamak in Maj'Dul. He is in the eastern section called the Outcasts' Ledge in a dead end of apartments at ( -249, 137, 60 ) .
  2. Speak to the female an outcast of Maj'Dul kneeling under the tent just north of him that is next to Antiquitor Kantus Mor'Tael.
  3. Go to the Living Tombs. The vase is in the Priestess' Court. When entering the Priestess' Court from the aqueduct simply drop to the pool below, then hook a right u-turn. There is a climbable wall that goes up a high tower. The vase is at the top right in front of you ( -309, 30, 191 ) . Take it back to the Outcast of Maj'Dul.
  4. Go to Pillars of Flame. In the far southwest (next to the Giant's Field Magic Carpet from the encampment) is a stone pillar surrounded by djinn. Climb to the top and go behind the pointy rock ( 1590.70, -76.46, -83.94 ) for the update.
  5. Return to the outcast for an update.
  6. Return to Siyamak. Reward is a level 54 Adept 1 (there is one choice for each class).

Quest Series

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