Aviak Literature  

Grants AA
CategoryPalace of the Awakened
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Encyclopedia of Aviak Literature
Min Coin: 13g, 59s, 50c
Max Coin: 15g, 4s, 95c
Faction Changes:

This quest can be obtained after completing A Devious Plan, and Culture of the Aviaks. In the North East Corner room on the floor below the green dragon in PoA (the room where you inspect a chest for the 6'o'flock high quest in the claymore series) is a small pile of books on the floow in front of the bookcase. Inspecting these gives a quest to complete an encyclopedia for Arejo Cloudbreach in Barren Sky. The 7 pieces you need for this encyclopedia are also small piles of books on the floor of the green dragon room. Collect these (there were exactly 7 lying around for me) and take them to Arejo Cloudbreach, he's the Hooluk Elder standing with Gaer Torrent near the Norrath teleportal in Barren Sky, for your reward.

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