Timing the Night Shift  

Level100 (Scales)
Completed Quest: Listening in for Qeynos
Not Complete Quest: Timing the Night Shift
On Stage: 2
Has Quest: Listening in for Qeynos
On Part: 1
On Stage: 1
Completed Quest: Listening in for Qeynos
Has Quest: Timing the Night Shift
On Part: 1
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Izzay Meestere at The Jade Tiger's Den in North Freeport needs you to find out the schedules of the Freeport Militia guards and location of the armory. You get a Voice Modulator with which you can listen to various NPCs.

This quest must be done at night (after 8pm and before 5am game time). Right click the Modulator from your inventory to eavesdrop.

The ROI's are marked on the map. You must be close enough to use the device but not too close; when you are in a correct spot the message will read, I should be able to use my voice modulator to overhear the guards without being caught. All locations are in West Freeport.

  1. Commandant Dominicus is outside of the Militia House. We listened in at the front of the Militia House at 117, -16, 141 .
  2. Commandant Arkadios is to the north of the Coalition of Tradesfolke. We listened in at 50, -20, 65 .
  3. Man-at-Arms Faustus is to the south of the Commonlands gate. We listened in at 248, -4, -64 .
  4. Commandant Placida is near the Thieves Way entrance. We listened in a few steps south of the entrance at 288, -4, -24 .
  5. Commandant Tor'Val is inside the Militia House dungeon. We listened in at the bottom of the stairs at 155, -26, 137 .
  6. Return to Izzay (at the Jade Tiger) who sends you to Mehina at the Seafarer's Roost in East Freeport ( -237, -55, -25 ) .
  7. Ask Mehina about scheduling a tour of famous houses to receive the next quest in the betrayal series.

Watch the walk-through video by Kidknie Rippender. There may be some minor differences due to Freeport's revamp in GU62.

Listening in for Qeynos Freeport Betrayal and Citizenship
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Freeport to Exile
Resetting the Militia
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