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Min Coin: 12s, 2c
Max Coin: 13s, 3c
Wool Rug of New Beginnings

Game Update #56
Halas Reborn
May 25, 2010

Speak to Brogan MacLellan in the White Lodge to begin this quest.

  1. Head into New Halas and speak with the following people:
    1. Blibba Nugrud: -152.38, 148.84, 24.29
    2. Dandi McCarren: -77.85, 154.15, -130.32
    3. Sister Aalarya: 38.66, 149.13, -48.05
    4. Pretchon Ironstein: -27.18, 148.93, 11.44
  2. Return to Brogan MacLellan at the White Lodge to complete the quest.

Note: Ribbit Hopson next to Blibba Nugrud offers a quest.

Frostfang Sea
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