A crude gnoll map  

This quest is initiated by examining A crude gnoll scrawling. This item drops on a Darkpaw animator.

  1. You must first speak with Farmer Walcott at the farm in Antonica at -99.52, -18.57, 47.7 .
  2. After this you must kill a Witherstraw Scarecrow for an uncommon update of a Pristine Witherstraw Scarecrow Cap (auto-update).
  3. Gather a Darkpaw Sinew from the a Darkpaw Mystic in Antonica. This is also an auto-updating piece. The Mystic's are found all over Antonica at the Gnoll Camps
  4. After this head back into the hidden cave by the Animator at -190, -16, 570 and click the bale of hay to gather a bundle of gnoll quiverstraw.
  5. The next step is to kill a Sparrow-Hawk until you receive a rare update rainbow feather.

After this, return to Farmer Walcott to complete the quest.

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