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  1. The people you need to talk to are as follows:
    • Alim Dabir: 1939.12, -299.67, 3301.34 (outside, next to the defunct teleporter)
    • High Commander Fawzi Zaim: 1902.16, -298.99, 3447.52 in the Hall of the Fell Blade
    • Nudhir Il'qatai: 1644.03, -267.06, 3176.93 in the Hall of Necromancy
    • Captain Ghalib Elbaz: 1943.47, -298.99, 3387.23 (outside, south of the teleporter)
    • Ishaq Al'Nair: 1858.09, -294.86, 3474.11 in the Paineel Council Chamber
    • Zafirah Aamira: 1706.14, -267.83, 3155.39 in the Hall of Necromancy
  2. Once you have them all, return to Saihah Al'Lad to complete the quest.

Once you have completed this quest, the Mark of Manaar will update your quest Let the Adventure Begin!.

(Note: Your next quest will arrive by mail. Be patient. There is a mailbox in Paineel at 1817,-299,3401 .)

The Hole Truth The Sundered Frontier
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The City of Paineel
A Letter of Summons
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