Court of the Coin: Maimun's Gifts  

This quest is given by Maimun Kazuhla in the Court of the Coin.

  1. Visit a Noble's Apartment in Maj'Dul and steal the music box on the second floor. This apartment is up a climbable wall at 107, 143, 128 , south of the Court of the Coin in Maj'Dul.
    • There is a single level 53^ NPC guarding the house. You can kill him or invis by. If you attack him another guard will spawn shortly after and aggro. He is level 53^ as well.
  2. Return to Maimun to show him the music box.
  3. Harvest flowers from the barber shop area in either Freeport or Qeynos. These can be found in either North Qeynos at 403, -20, -226 near the jeweler or in West Freeport at the barber shop near the horse merchant.
  4. Obtain perfume from crocodiles in The Sinking Sands. Rare auto-update on crocs.
  5. Kill Lady Samiel in the Sinking Sands. She spawns on top of the Pirate's Perch at -2041, -158, 60 (near Onerock Isle)
    • To spawn Lady Samiel you need to clear all of the pirates on the island. After clearing the normal pirates, elite pirates will spawn.
    • Placeholders for the elites are reported to be at -2163, -230, -24 .
    • Lady Samiel will be found up climbable walls.
  6. Return to speak to Maimun.
  7. Speak with Ayala, who is outside of the Court of Truth in Maj'Dul at -200, 150, -11 . She will ask you to wait for her to get back to you. Thia should only be a minute or so.
  8. Speak with Ayala and then return to Maimun for your reward.

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