The Trial of Clay  

CategoryKunzar Jungle
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Title: "of the Clay Shackle"
Choice Of:
Shackle of Clay
Shackle of Clay
Shackle of Clay
Shackle of Clay
Faction Changes:

Speak to a senior Clay shackle monk at -30, -50, 166 in The Tabernacle of Pain to begin the trial.

  1. Destroy 25 clay pots around the Tabernacle with your bare hands.
    • Actually, you can nuke them and it updates just the same.
  2. Go to the cage at the Tabernacle and speak to Swifttail Trialmaster ( -73, -43, 160 )
  3. Step to the center of the cage at -84, -42, 161 . Glazjo Roughscale will appear and the walls will rise. Defeat your opponent.
    • If you are a pet class, YOU must strike the final blow, not your pet, or you will not get credit.
    • If you have friends with you, have them stand where the walls will rise so they will be on the wall and able to maintain line-of-sight. They must NOT be inside the cage and, as above, YOU must strike the final blow!
  4. Return to a senior Clay shackle monk.

Awards the Title: "of the Clay Shackle".

Kunzar Jungle
Quest Series
The Tabernacle of Pain
Faction: Tabernacle of Pain
The Trial of Stone
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