Inside the Edgewater Drains  

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Night-Crafted Dagger of Slyness

This quest is given by Bendik Jonkers in the Edgewater Drains at 138,31,-105 .

You must gather some components in the Edgewater Drains. Known locations are:

  • Murkwater Nook: 27,32,73
  • Cogwheels: 15.95,32.57,-96.96
  • Corroded Chain: 163,16.36,56
  • Ancient Sieve: 93,16.66,98
  • Copper Wire: 85,-0.23,105 (in water)
  • Iron Bracket: 30,16.18,65

Picture of one of the Areas needed.

After obtaining all of these you can return to Bendik. He will then send you out to kill a Murkwater henchman to get the key.

After receiving the key you must head to the Murkwater Hideout to kill Madame Kisa. This is a single room instance in the Edgewater Drains. Kill her to complete the quest.

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